I still remember the last pet exhibition, the surge of people feel it is difficult to turn over, suddenly seem to be in the sale of the jump floor. In addition to the fact that pet exhibitions are bringing intuitive pet economy to the author, the data also show that China's pet economy is growing with a strong momentum: by the end of 16, the number of pet owners in China has risen to the second in the world, and people's pet spending will increase by 30% in the next three years.

Pet food, one of the basic needs of pets, will also catch the fast growth. Many pet food enterprises in China are aware of this, they will build production lines throughout the country, forming a blooming situation everywhere.

Hebei Nanhe: automation equipment makes pet food production more modern.

Nanhe is China's largest pet food production base, from the brand point of view, this small county contains two national top ten pet food enterprises, nine provincial famous pet food trademarks. The pile of pet food enterprises make the production of pet food in the automation and intelligence of the degree of special attention.

Walk into a business, but not many workers are busy in big factories, production line for pet food packaging, robots are responsible for packing and sealing. But the owner is not satisfied with this, he said that this degree of automation can not cope with the future of large-scale production of pet food, in the second workshop construction, he will import a complete set of automatic production equipment from Switzerland, even cold-processed products can be seamless docking of production equipment through pipes, complete production. The automatic operation of the line.

Sichuan Shuangliu: introducing foreign production equipment to transform food production technology

China's pet food industry has long been suppressed by foreign pet food enterprises and pet food machinery manufacturers, so the development of both pet food and related mechanical equipment is relatively slow. In this case, China's pet food can not help but focus on foreign equipment manufacturers, intending to introduce high-end equipment to transform food production process, produce higher-end pet food.

Sichuan Shuangliu has pet food manufacturers in the construction of production lines from all over the world to collect production equipment, so that the final product line products include the Dutch Green dryer, Italian spraying machine, but also from the United States, Japan and Switzerland and other technical equipment. Through the introduction of advanced production equipment around the world, the production line in pet food palatability, nutrition and other key indicators far exceeded most of the peers.

Hubei Gedian: pet food production equipment technology helps improve cost performance

There are still some pet food enterprises in China, through the research and development of pet food production technology, and then with a variety of advanced production lines, gradually developed into its own characteristics: do not compete with foreign products for high-end market, focusing on improving cost performance.

A company in Gedian, Hubei Province, has collected a large number of research and development personnel and institutions at home and abroad. It has found that the application of fresh meat grouting technology, small peptide transformation technology and probiotic gastrointestinal conservation technology can increase the palatability, nutrition and health of pet food. Four European pet meat dry grain production lines and three wet grain production lines were introduced to produce pet food with fresh meat grouting, and enzymatic hydrolysis production lines were equipped to convert pet peptides. In the retention of probiotics, a thirty thousand cubic cryopreservation storehouse is specially built for storage.

It is precisely these pet food producers that constantly innovate and develop the production technology of pet food, and put forward further refined requirements for pet food production equipment, making pet food gradually out of the impression of inferior products in China, with more trusts. But we should also see that these enterprises in the choice of pet food production equipment, go to buy foreign pet food production equipment, which to a certain extent reflects that China's pet food production equipment is very inadequate. It is also necessary for relevant equipment manufacturers to analyze this phenomenon in depth, improve equipment production skills, and share a share in the coming pet blue sea.