Cat litter is something that cats need to use every day in their POTS, so how much litter they put can also affect their excretion. Some cats like to dig cat litter so they can put more, while others leave without so much litter. In addition, different types of cat litter can be placed at different heights. For example, for the cat litter with small particles like bentonite, more needs to be put in before it can be used.

Depending on how much litter you put in

For example, some cats like to dig cat litter to cover their excrement. Sometimes, they will hear the sound of cats scratching the bottom of cat litter. For this kind of "violent" cats, the thickness of cat litter should be about 10CM. Some cats can be put in 3-6cm if they are going to leave immediately after they have excreted, or if they are not going to dig cat litter all the time. Cat owners can decide according to their own cat situation.


2. Depending on the type of cat litter, the amount of cat litter will be determined

As mentioned above, if the type of cat litter is different, then the thickness of the litter will be different. Here we compare small bentonite cat litter with larger pine cat litter. The small particles of soil cat litter are more like planing, and the soil cat litter is a ball of cat litter. After absorbing the urine and the cat's stool, it will form a hard lump, so it needs to be placed around 5-6cm.

The particle size of pine cat litter is large, and it will break into powder after encountering urine. Therefore, it is recommended to put in 2-3cm, which is more economical. Of course, use pine wood cat litter to want to match double layer cat litter basin, so cat arenaceous broken bits can leak into lower layer cat litter basin, clean also is to pour into the toilet to flush can. In terms of the selection of pine cat litter, you can choose the green tea smell of pine cat litter, such as meow wants pine cat litter.

Third, depending on the type of litter bowl, how much litter to put in

If the cat litter used is a closed cat litter pot, the cat scratch cat litter will not be easy to get everywhere, you can put in more; On the other hand, if it's an open litter pan, don't put too much litter. It's easy to get it all over the place.