Cat litter should be shoveled every day. However, if there is no cat litter at the time of shoveling, cat owners can add some new cat litter to the litter, instead of replacing it completely, usually once a month. If the owner of a cat for the first time doesn't know how to use litter, here are a few things to watch out for when using litter and choose good litter.

1. Pour in enough cat litter

Cat owners should clean and dry the litter bowl before pouring, and then pour the proper amount of litter into the litter bowl. Do not pour too much litter into the litter bowl, so that there is no litter to cover the poop when defecating, but don't pour too much too much, which the cat does not like. The optimum thickness of cat litter is 5-8 cm.

2. Clean and replace cat litter regularly

Cat litter is mainly used to bury poop, and cats defecate every day, so cat owners should also clean cat litter every day, and remove the clumps of cat litter to maintain the hygiene of cat litter, so that cats do not defecate because of the dirty cat litter. Cat owners can clear up in the morning and once before bed in the evening if they are busy at work.

Of course, the cat litter also needs to be replaced completely. It is usually replaced once a month. If you are a clean cat owner, you can replace it once half a month.

3. Choose good cat litter

There are many kinds of cat litter used by cats. Cat owners can choose bad cat litter if they do not pay attention to the choice, so that all kinds of problems will occur when cats are used. Therefore, cat owners should pay attention to the selection of feline litter with good aggregation, water absorption and deodorization. Cat owners can try the cat litter with good reputation, which not only makes the cat happy when using, but also makes the cat owner more convenient when cleaning.